Booking an Appointment

Booking an appointment with your GP

  • To help us streamline our medical appointments we are asking all of our patients to complete an online consultation request where possible.
  • For patients unable to do this, a member of our reception team will be able to help by asking a few questions which will then be triaged.
  • The completed triage form is assessed and triaged so that we are able to allocate appointments based on clinical need.
  • This means we can prioritise those patients who need us most urgently.
  • We can then deliver the right care with the right clinician at the right time.
  • If the triaging clinician feels a clinical need for a face-to-face appointment, then you will be offered one.
  • The more people that use our online platform means less busy phone lines for those patients unable to submit an online request.

Completing the online triage form

  • Please provide details about your health concern.
  • Try to be as clear and concise as possible, this will help our triaging team to more appropriately manage your request and can save you time.
  • Once you’re happy with the information provided simply submit the form.

What happens next?

  • A member of our clinical team will review and triage your request.
  • You may be offered a same day appointment, a routine appointment or in some cases advised on specialist services should your symptoms/condition be something we cannot safely manage in a primary care setting.
  • Please note that your appointment may not be with a GP. We have a large team consisting of GPs and specialist clinicians, it’s sometimes more appropriate for you to see a specialist clinician rather than a GP.  
  • You may be sent a self-book link allowing you to arrange your appointment directly, or a member of our reception team may contact you to arrange your appointment.

Do I need to complete a triage form for any appointment?

  • Some appointments can be made without the need to complete an online triage form.
  • For routine recall appointments, for which you have received an invite, such as cervical smears, asthma reviews, diabetic reviews, shingles vaccinations, pneumococcal vaccinations etc. you can simply call reception and arrange an appointment directly.
  • Patients requiring appointments for dressings, blood pressure checks, whooping cough and routine childhood vaccinations can also book directly with our reception team.
  • Medication reviews can be booked directly with a clinical pharmacist.

Telephone Lines

We understand that our phone lines do get busy and our reception team work tirelessly to answer all calls. We would encourage as many people as possible to use the online platform.

Further Information

Our practice Nurses continue to see patients face to face for a wide number reasons including dressings, childhood immunisations, some injections/vaccinations (non-travel), cervical smears, blood pressure checks, asthma/diabetic annual reviews, NHS health checks etc.

Our Clinical Paramedics are highly trained medical professionals providing care alongside our GP team. Our Clinical Paramedics are able to see patients during same-day appointments, treating acute medical needs but they can also see patients routinely for a wide range of problems. Clinical Paramedics are also well suited to visit housebound patients, their training allows them to quickly and thoroughly assess the patients specific health concerns but also any other underlying physical or mental health issues; as well as reviewing their surroundings and safety at home.

Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals specialising in movement and function. They can help patients regain mobility, manage pain and improve overall wellbeing. If your problem is mainly related to movement, pain, or regaining function following an injury or surgery, a Physiotherapist can be a great first point of contact. Our Physiotherapists work alongside our GP team to provide a more comprehensive approach to your health.

We are fortunate to have senior prescribing clinical pharmacists who have joined our team to help with reviewing medications for patients with chronic conditions.

A podiatrist is a foot and ankle specialist. They have in-depth knowledge of the complex structures of the lower limbs and dedicate their practice entirely to this area. Podiatrists have years of specialists training in diagnosing and treating foot and ankle conditions and can provide assistance to patients suffering with chronic foot pain, bunions, hammertoes, or other foot deformities and diabetes-related foot complications. It may be that, depending on your symptoms, a Podiatrist may be the most appropriate clinician for you to see.

The Practice has a professional translating service to offer translation for patients whose first language is not English.

The service can also provide a BSL interpreter to provide sign language for patients with hearing difficulties.

Please advise Reception when making an appointment that you require this support, so this can be arranged for your appointment.

Knoll Medical Practice is proud be a training practice and to welcome additional clinical and non-clinical staff to the team to help care for our practice population. A full list of the practice team can be found by clicking here